Interactive Maps That Fascinate

When it comes to visualizing data, maps are probably the most used. With so many different map variations, you can get a pretty good picture of what’s going on and be able to detect any patterns or trends underlying there.

For mapping data related to your customers, prospects, sales, products, economic and geographic data, health, education or demographics, you have different visualization tools and software you can choose. Their features vary according to the tool or software you get so make sure you see all they have available.

There are many tools that allow you to see interactive maps:

InstantAtlas ( is a great data visualization tool that allows you to create maps based on different data. They include different maps specially designed for the different industries like public health, government, public safety, demographics, cancer incidence, education, and elections. So, InstantAtlas is one of the best data visualization examples you can have. They adapt the data to the different maps which allow you a perfect combination of interactivity and information.

Exhibit ( is another mapping visualization tool. It allows you to create interactive maps that can either reflect the data or simply serve to pin different countries, for example. Read more »

Essence of Cartography

Cartography is the process of making maps. It includes gathering and processing the data, drawing and finally reproducing the final document. It can be seen as a mixture of technology, art, and science that requires the effort of different people with varied skills.

world map

One of the main characteristics of maps is that they’re incredibly important to understand how the world works. Representations showing weather forecasting, emergency response, road construction, navigation, earth’s surface, among many others, wouldn’t be possible without using maps. Another main characteristic of cartography is that it has a dynamic nature. Cartography has evolved a lot during the last decades and has changed dramatically due to technology advances. Now, a cartographer just sits in front of a computer and designs better maps in less time. They just have complete control over the mapping process, which allows us to get the most varied types of maps. Read more »